[Activities and Interests]

Between 1992 and May 2002 Lon Kaufmann was an associate professor of Art on the faculty of Taylor University in Upland, Indiana where he instructed computer graphics and three-dimensional design.

During 2002-2004 he was supported by two Fulbright Program grants as guest lecturer in Kiev, Ukraine teaching computer graphics and web design at the National Academy of Art and Architecture, Wisconsin International University, and European University. For more about this lecturing project see the page 'Life in Ukraine'.

Since 2006 Prof. Kaufmann has been serving as Coordinator and Professor, for the Program of Fine Arts and Computer Graphics, New York Institute of Technology, in the Middle East. First in Amman, Jordan and now in Bahrain, See the page 'Life in the Middle East'.

His artwork and research are influenced by continuing interests in visual design theory, semiotics, post-modern discussions of architecture, and the Eastern European origins of modern art. Design research includes web design, the exploration of the medieval reliquary as a sculptural motif, and photo montages that bridge religious traditions and define the 'digital icon'. Their themes are unabashedly anti-platonist and affirms the inseparable unity of matter and spirit.

To view more detailed documentation about Lon Kaufmann's experience and activities you can request a curriculum vita here.

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