To Exhibit
The HoTopos series of photographs has been exhibited in over a dozen galleries throughout the United States. The more recent sculpture series, Substance of Hope has been displayed as a group in university galleries, with one of the pieces being included in a competitive exhibit in a New York City gallery. If you are interested in hosting this artwork, as a group or individually, please contact the artist concerning expense and availability. If you are an urban relief agency and are interested in using the photographs from the Homeless series in a collaborative promotion of your services, please forward a note.

To Purchase
Most of the artwork displayed here is for sale. The photographs from the Documentary section are reproducible at a size of your request. The images from the HoTopos series are selectively available but will take longer to supply as they require a more complex darkroom procedure. The Homeless images are available as smaller prints and as large lightbox transparencies.

Prices are available upon request and will vary according to quantity ordered and sizes requested. Collaboration in support of an urban relief agency would be done gratis plus minimal expenses. Web site design projects are welcomed.

Contact the Artist