Mansion #1

15" h. x 12" d.
Slipcast earthenware, fumed luster glaze

[Three-D Design]
My three-dimensional work has always been influenced by a love of architecture. Earlier work includes models and drawings for both conceptual and constructed spaces. Recent sculpture considers a smaller architectural environment and borrows from the medieval reliquary motif.

The series Substance of Hope employs copper, steel, aluminum, and ceramics to create the holding forms. The interior and surface materials include sand, bones, prisms, schist, water, barbed wire, liquid light emulsion and a morphos anaxibia butterfly. These combinations of materials are intended to infer metaphors of hope.

Two Riddles

12" w. x 22" h. x 6" d.
Patinated silver plating over copper, bones, honey

For B

22" x 24"
Stoneware, engobes, silver emulsion photo

Streams in the Desert

20" w. x 25" h. x 10" d.
Patinated steel, schist, water, pottery shards

Pi Hahiroth

18" w. x 25" h. x 8" d.
Stoneware, fumed glaze, aluminum

If You have Hope As . .

6" x 6" x 3"
Lacquered aluminum, seeds, glass

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Bauhaus Bistro

22" l. x 12" w. x 13" h."
corrugated paper, foamcore, paper

Hold the Same Hope

18" h. x 16" w. x 7 d."
Copper, steel, morpho anaxibia